Celebrating 21 Years!

Toni Francis

I want to take this opportunity to thank you on a couple of extremely important fronts. First of foremost thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and all the teachers for the tremendous experience and opportunity afforded to Sierra over the years of being on the competitive team. This experience has provided her benefits that will last a lifetime. She has grown into a beautiful dancer, artist and entertainer and through your organization and the teachers love for dance and brilliant choreography she has experienced aspects of herself that she never would have in other forums. I saw my daughter grow in confidence, I witnessed her development of great leadership skills , dance technique, social skills and so much more. I hope you and the other teachers never underestimate the impact you have had on her and every dancers life you have touched. I thank you for creating and making a unique space for her and for every child in our community. You also allowed her to teach and work the desk and those opportunities are greatly appreciated. She learned from it and fully enjoyed the chance to learn and grow in these areas.

Overall, because I am big on community and am a huge supporter of creating positive spaces for children, thank you for creating a place where these dancers can come into themselves and form such great relationships through great experiences.

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