Celebrating 21 Years!

Judy Kokkovas

I just wanted to thank all of you teachers and staff so much for everything that you have done for Jason. He is so happy dancing. When he has a bad day at school, he’ll get out of dance class and tell me that everything is better now. The teachers have all been great seeing him through that tough first month. I was telling Ashlee that if it wasn’t for her talking him into it, Jason wouldn’t have even tried camp. You all have been there every step of the way these first few months and now he just won’t stop dancing and loves every minute of it!

We were not prepared for what we saw this afternoon. We had no idea that he could do everything that we saw him do. We were crying and cheering in the audience. He is so enthusiastic now, he told me he might even consider taking a ballet class this summer!

Jason, being the perfectionist that he is, pointed out to me as we were watching the video of the tap routine, that he was late coming in on the “something ball changes”. (“really late in his words”). So he knows that he has lots to improve on even though we have no idea. All we know is that his smile is brighter and he walks taller with confidence now that he is with ADA and we thank you so much!

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