Celebrating 21 Years!

Fall 2021 – Sept 13 to Dec 19, 2021

Registration is CLOSED.

ADA Health and Safety Protocols will remain in place:

Families will be asked to pre-screen the students at home before arriving. If there
are any symptoms, they should remain home.

Screening at ADA:
Students will be asked to line up outside of ADA, and enter in, one at a time for
screening. Students must wear a mask inside the lobby. Screening will include:
• No fever (An infrared touch-less thermometer will determine temperature)
• No cough
• No shortness of breath
• No sore throat
• No runny nose
• Confirmation of no close contact with anyone who is sick, or has confirmed
COVID-19 in the past 14 days
• Confirmation of not returning from travel outside of Canada, in the past 14

Drop Off and Pick Up:
Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the class in
order to be screened. One parent is permitted in the studio with their child 8 & under. No siblings.

Hand Hygiene:
Students will sanitize their hands immediately upon entering ADA, and before
and after each class.

Students should keep all of their personal belongings in their personal backpack.
The backpack will be used to hold their coat, and dance
shoes. The backpack will remain with the student in the studio.

Sanitize Studio:
The studio will be sanitized before and after each class.

Social Distance:
Students will social distance in the studio. The students will have a 2 M squared
off area to dance in, and will be separated by 2 M from other dancers at all times.
While dancing, students do not need to wear a mask, unless they cannot stay 2 M

Please note that the schedule is subject to minimum registration, and change.

Course # Class Name Age (as of Dec. 31) Experience Required Day Time Length

Hip Hop



Contemporary / Lyrical


Stretching and Tumbling

Fall 2021

Registration is CLOSED.